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Boat Insurance Through AAA*

Protect your watercraft investment year-round—whether on land or water—with boat insurance through AAA.

Great Rates & Discounts**

Boat Safety: If your boat is equipped with a diesel-powered primary motor, permanently installed automatic fire extinguishers, or a fume or CO2 detector, a discount is available.

Idle Assisted Steering: If your personal watercraft is equipped with idle assisted steering, special savings are available.


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Loyalty: Discount on all insured boats (including personal watercraft) at renewal.

Multiple Products: Discounts are available for maintaining an active Auto, Specialty Vehicle, Homeowners, Condominium or Renters policy through AAA.

Multiple Boat: A discount is available for having two or more watercraft on the same policy.

Payment in Full: If you choose the Paid-In-Full option, a discount in your insurance premium is available.

Good Operator: Reduced rates are available for those who are claim and violation free on both their auto and boat.†

Safe Boater: A discount is available for each driver who has successfully completed an approved boat safety course.

Original Owner: If you’re the only person who has owned your boat, a discount is available.

Prior Insurance Status: A discount is available based upon the status of prior insurance coverage.††

†Discount terms and conditions vary by boat type.

††The insured must provide proof of more than eight months of continuous boat insurance in the past 12 months.

Great Coverage

Variety of Watercraft: You can purchase insurance to cover:

  • Bass boats
  • Runabouts
  • Cabin cruisers
  • Deck boats
  • Aluminum fishing boats
  • Sailboats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Personal watercraft

Bodily Injury and Property Damage: Coverages that pay for damages or injuries to others for which you are legally liable.‡

Uninsured and Underinsured Boaters: Coverage that pays for bodily injury or damage that you are legally entitled to recover caused by an uninsured/underinsured person.

Medical Payments: Coverage that pays for bodily injury to a covered person.

Physical Damage: Coverage that pays for the repair or replacement of your boat resulting from a covered loss.

Loss/Settlement Options such as:

  • Replacement cost/purchase price
  • Agreed value
  • Actual cash value

Disappearing Deductible: Included with Replacement Cost/Purchase Price and Agreed Value Loss settlement options at no additional premium.

Permanently Attached Equipment: Coverage for equipment that is fastened to the hull using bolts or brackets.

Portable Boating Equipment: Coverage for detachable equipment kept in or on a boat for the maintenance or use of the boat.

Reimbursed Towing Costs and Labor: Reimbursement for roadside service in the event of a covered emergency while your boat is on a trailer being towed or carried by a motor vehicle.‡‡

Fishing Equipment Coverage: Coverage for the loss or damage to fishing equipment while on or while being carried on or off your boat. Up to $10,000 of coverage for all damaged equipment (or $1,000 for damage or loss to any single item).

On-Water Emergency Towing and Labor: Provides reimbursement for on-water towing and labor costs in the event your boat becomes disabled while on the water.

‡Required in all states.

‡‡Available only in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin.

Great Service

Claim Professionals on Call: Call us toll-free 24/7. We’re always here for you.

Experience and Knowledge: We’ve been providing superior service for generations.

*Insurance underwritten by one of the following companies: Auto Club Insurance Association, MemberSelect Insurance Company, Auto Club Group Insurance Company, Auto Club Property-Casualty Insurance Company, Auto Club South Insurance Company, Auto Club Insurance Company of Florida, or non-affiliated insurance companies.

**Discounts apply to select coverages only and vary by state and insurance company. Not all discounts available in each state.

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