Beware of "Phishing" Scams

Many companies that conduct business on the Internet have become the target of a form of online fraud called "phishing". This involves using fraudulent emails or pop-up Web pages that appear to be sent by a business or organization that you may deal with. These emails or pages are not legitimate and are designed to deceive you into sharing personal or account information. When you respond to these scams, you jeopardize the security of your accounts and your personal information. You should never provide your personal or account information in response to unsolicited emails or pop-up Web pages.

These fraudulent emails often contain links that appear legitimate but then direct respondents to a different web site. When visiting a web site, especially via a link in an email, it is a good practice to check your browser's address bar to validate that the URL is legitimate and check the web site’s security certificate prior to sharing information.

If you have received a questionable email that claims to have come from AAA, please report this to

For more information on "phishing" scams, please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website at:

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