Give Your Home A Tune-Up

Today, technology is playing a growing role in the creature comforts we enjoy in our homes. Essential systems are more sophisticated and smart devices add convenience all around the house. With a little care, you can maximize your enjoyment of all of them while minimizing downtime and repair costs.

As a benefit to AAA Members, we have partnered with TrustedPlace™ to provide practical information to help members maintain and protect their valuable home systems, control energy costs and get technical support when needed. AAA Members also receive a 25% discount on a home systems protection plan that helps protect against costly repairs.

AAA Members Save 25% on Protection

TrustedPlace™ can protect your budget where homeowners insurance doesn’t. With the Home Systems Protection Plan, your furnace, central A/C, home appliances and electronics are all covered – and AAA Members save 25%!

Plan benefits:

  • Flexibility to choose your own repair contractor.
  • Coverage up to $25,000 per covered breakdown.
  • No home inspection or maintenance records required.
  • Submit claims 24/7, 365 days a year, online, by email or by phone.
  • Free access to MyHomeWorks, an online suite of home management tools.

Save 25% On Home Systems Protection

Protect yourself from
costly repairs.

Visit to learn more about:

Money and Energy Savings

  • Learn how to use your home systems, appliances and electronics for optimal energy efficiency
  • Take an interactive home tour to see where you may be wasting energy and how to fix any problems
  • Get tips for system maintenance that can minimize costly breakdowns

Technical Support

  • Get advice and solutions from live experts for your personal computing issues
  • Free remote PC diagnostics from experienced technicians

Visit to learn more and for tips to help you keep your home running smoothly.

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